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Family Token

Join the Family Revolution: Uniting for a Billion

Contract : 7njsg9BA1xvXX9DNpe5fERHK4zb7MbCHKZ6zsx5k3adr


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About Us

Family (FAM) shines on Solana, with eyes set on 1 billion. Our journey from viral hits to a 6500+ strong community is just the start. 'Forward to a billion' is our cry. Join our story.

Family (FAM) embodies the spirit of collaboration, making waves in the Solana ecosystem as the strongest meme network community.

Join The Family

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Price 0.35 Sol


Embark on a journey from grassroots engagement to global dominance, as Family (FAM) charts a path from viral sensation to a 1 billion market cap. Witness our evolution through strategic expansions, innovative NFT launches, and community-driven milestones.

We will update the roadmap as we grow.

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 01

Token Launch
Website Deployment
Instagram campaign to boost community growth
Reach 1000 Holders
Coingecko listing
CoinMarketCap Listing

Phase 02

Coingecko listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
Achieve 1 Million Market Cap
Ad Campaign in Tiktok

Phase 03

Influencer Marketing
Achieve 10 Million Market Cap
Reach 5000 Holders
Giveaway Contest

Phase 04

Launch NFT collection
Marketing/Liquidity through NFT Revenue
Bigger Influencer Marketing
Achieve 50 Million Market Cap

Phase 05

CEX Listings
Global promotions
Achieve 1 Billion Market Cap
and more...

Our Team

  • Founder


  • Founder



Find answers to your most pressing questions about Family (FAM) and uncover the essentials of our community-driven journey towards a 1 billion market cap. Dive into our FAQ to navigate the exciting features, opportunities, and roadmap of our project.

What is FAM?

$FAM is a community driven token in the Solana network which aims to reach 1 Billion Market Cap

How to buy FAM?

Step1: You have to download phantom wallet
Step2: Buy Solana from your centralized exchange, which you are using right now.Eg: Binance
Step3: Send your solana to your phantom wallet.
Step4: Once you receive your Solana in the phantom wallet, press the globe icon in the bottom.
Step5 : Paste this link in the search bar
Step6 : Press swap to get your tokens

What is Liquidity Pool and how can I add and earn rewards from it?

1.What is a Liquidity Pool?

A LP (Liquidity Pool) is a digital pile of cryptocurrency that is used for transactions. Bigger pools make transactions faster and sometimes cheaper.
2.Does this make me sell my $FAM?

No, the funds you put in the pool will always belong to you and are not sold.
3.How much amount of $SOL and $FAM do I put in?

As long as the $ amount for $SOL and $FAM are equal as seen in the video, it does not matter.
5.Does it lock my coins?

No, added liquidity is not locked and can be withdrawn anytime on the platform.
6. Why can I see that some coins are burned and locked?

Those coins are owned by nobody and are inacessible, this is to ensure that a certain amount of liquidity always exists for transactions.
7. Why should I do it?

Adding your idle coins to the LP helps decrease the effect that selling has on the market cap and price, you also get a percentage of every single transaction that occurs relative to the amount of liquidity you contribute.

Do we stop everything after 1 Billion Market Cap?

Absolutely not. We will set our goals higher and higher.

Do we have NFT Collection?

NFT Collection Coming Soon

Which swap should i use?

Raydium Swap or Jupiter Swap

Is the LP locked?

Initial Liquidity is 100% locked

Why is the Instagram profile not verified?

Instagram has certain policies and they will review it for 1-2 Months as we have a business profile.